How to choose art prints for your child's walls

How to choose art prints for your child's walls

Creating a space for your little one to play and grow can and should be a fun experience. That said, it can also be a challenging one. You want to make it a comforting, safe place for them to sleep and play, but also a place that can spark their imagination and aid in their development. And of course it needs to be a space you like to look at too! It can be a hard balance to strike... 

Decorating your child's space with wall art is a fun and easy way to personalise their decor and add a little excitement without committing to painting walls (which can be an expensive overhaul every couple of years!). But how to choose the right art?! 

Whether you're looking for art prints to add magic to the walls of your kids' nursery, playroom, or bedroom, here are our top suggestions…

Art for a Nursery

Decorating a nursery can be such a joyous and fun experience ahead of the arrival of a new baby. Choose art prints to create a soothing environment for your little one. Whilst very young babies won't be able to pick out intricate details or colours yet, you as a parent will be spending a lot of time in this room - so choose art prints that you like to look at, and will help you to relax during those sleepless nights. We like the soft pastel shades of our Sun, Moon, Birds Collection, also available as a complete gallery wall.  Once your baby is born, a wonderful piece of nursery art that can become a special keepsake is a piece that is customised just for them. For instance, our Personalised Prints allow you to add your little one's name, birthday and place of birth. 


Art for a Playroom 

For the playroom, opt for art prints that will spark their imagination and encourage it to run free. Of all the rooms in the house, the playroom should be the most fun! Bright, colourful details add a positive, happy energy to the playroom and are instantly invigorating. Rather than choosing a specific colour scheme, introduce a rainbow of colourful accessories and art prints, like in our Rainbow Collection. Consider Personalised Prints that feature their names, particularly if multiple siblings share the room - this can help them to carve out their own special spot in the room. When hanging your wall art, put yourself in your little ones shoes and decorate from their perspective - scale the art at a lower height to accommodate their eye level. 


Art for a Toddler's Room

As your child transitions out of the nursery into their big girl / big boy bed, you can afford to be much bolder in your choice of art for the walls. Try to choose art that will appeal to their budding sense of self. It's likely that by this age, kids will have formed quite strong preferences and opinions. Whether it's a certain animal, vehicles, flowers or dinosaurs, choose art that celebrates those interests and themes. You may also want to consider adding some fun, educational art prints like a World Map, A,B,Cs and 1,2,3 prints to help prepare them for school, too. 

Art for a Child's Room

Picking art for a kid’s bedroom is a great opportunity to be a little more adventurous than you might be in other spaces in your home. Go for art that will feed their minds and inspire curiosity. It is important to consider your child's unique spirit when choosing art and let them feel involved in the process. Bright, vivid colours are great for stimulating the imagination, like the colours in our Watercolour Swatch Print or in our Far Away Lands Collection, but, if your child struggles to get to sleep or gets easily overstimulated, you might want to consider art that is a little more more calming like our Sun, Moon, Birds Collection


Art for a Tween Room

Let their independent spirits express themselves boldly and let them choose their own wall art. Talk through their ideas and encourage them to express their own unique style and sense of identity with the art prints they choose. Whilst they are growing up quickly, they're not yet grown-up and adding thoughtfully selected artwork to the walls can help create a fun, youthful yet grown-up space that will see them through to teendom. Opting for a large piece of art or a gallery wall will help to create a focal point and avoid taking up precious floor space. Or try fixing picture ledges at staggered heights on the wall above the bed and layering up framed prints and photos of your teen’s choice for a personal and art display. And don't be afraid to mix up the art to be inclusive of all their interests - that eclectic vibe will help create a room they feel at home in. Consider art prints that contain flashes of bright colours or geometric patterns to make for an energetic bedroom (that might help them get out of bed faster in the morning!). You might like our Fruit Salad Collection or Vintage Dinosaur Collection.